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This site started as me just making a random Twitter account to poke fun at HaloFollower and Halo in-general. Because I love Halo, and am passionate about it, and love writing—the culmination of those three elements creates an urge to combine my love for Halo with my love of writing. Normally, that’d draw me to fanfiction (which I’ve written in the past). However, like any game franchise, Halo faces its roadblocks. It has advancements to reach and flaws to address. What better way to shed light on those potential advancements and potentially haunting flaws than through the use of satire?

Well, satire is always fun. Writing it is an incredible experience, it’s something I love doing. I admit, sometimes I crack myself up when writing these things (the consequences of which include weird looks from surrounding humans and animals). Likewise, sometimes I feel afraid that I’m going to release something that puts me in an incredibly negative light and destroys my entire reputation.

But that’s all part of the journey. And as I said, this journey is my passion.

However, where HaloSwallower exists to address roadblocks Halo faces through the form of humor, I face roadblocks myself. One of those roadblocks is money. I do not have a job right now (which I’m addressing), and am going to college for the next four years. That means money is going to be an enormous roadblock. I already pay a decent amount for hosting the domain name. But as I grow, I find myself more and more in need of Premium WordPress’s various perks. Unfortunately, Premium WordPress isn’t within reach of my funds, and I won’t be able to get where I want without it. Furthermore, I’ll also need money to get rid of those invasive ads that have appeared. It’s a daunting battle for me.

So, since my college job income won’t be enough to portion towards both college expenses and HaloSwallower, my only way of keeping this site—my passion—alive and running is through donations.

That’s where you come in. Feel free to donate today, and help keep HaloSwallower up and running.



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