Like any ambitious site, HaloSwallower cannot exist unmanned. To secure its survival through the eons, HaloSwallower must be guarded and tended to by a team of humans.

How to Apply

Applying is simple. Just shoot a private message to us on Twitter or Facebook expressing interest in joining the team. At this time, we are looking exclusively for writers.

What to Expect

Our Supreme Mastermind, Andycu5 will request that you share your Facebook username (you can also just make an alternative one) so that he can add you to the HaloSwallower staff group chat. Over the next few weeks, you will be instructed on how to use WordPress and all of our subtle guidelines we have with writing articles. After you’ve been properly oriented, you’ll be allowed to officially write for the website, though articles will ultimately need to be approved by Andycu5 before being posted.

Be prepared to share the following contact details:

  • Email
  • Facebook username
  • Xbox Live gamertag

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