About Us

HaloSwallower is a Halo parody website dedicated to offering you entirely satiric news and theories about the Halo. We exist not only for entertainment, but also for activism. Our satire is written for the sake of identifying Halo‘s flaws in humorous ways, so that we may all be compelled to happily address them when they appear.

About The Team

Although we started as a single Twitter page run by Andycu5, HaloSwallower is now a growing organization run by multiple individuals.

Andycu5 founded HaloSwallower in June, 2015. Currently, he directs all departments, writes a large percentage of our articles, and makes the occasional video.

Ellisrael joined HaloSwallower in July, 2015 at the request of Andycu5. Why? For no reason other than to run our then newly conceived YouTube channel. Ellisrael creates hilarious videos out of our articles, and works with the rest of our video team.

Regret, a content editor for our partner HALO Memes, is another member of our video team. Regret joined us in August, 2015 and has since added many a miracle to our videos.

Fishy Eats, content editor at HaloFollower (yes, HaloFollower) is a member of our writing team. Additionally, he serves as the bridge of communication between ourselves and the organization we originally parodied.

RavineCrusader is another video editor, responsible for humorous shorts and/or vines based off Halo content. She joined HaloSwallower in October, 2015 and is the individual responsible for flipping Andycu5 in this video.

Joe is our latest addition to the writing team. He joined around the same time as RavineCrusader, and has additional skills in graphic design.

ClassyCorgi joined HaloSwallower in December of 2015.  He writes and publishes satirical news and theory articles.

Nick is HaloSwallower’s official meme maker. When asked for information about himself, he replied, “Hey, I’m that one British person, I occasionally make memes.”


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