We asked Halo fans what unites us as a community. Here’s what they said.

“The magnificent bulge in Master Chief’s crotch plate.”

“Endless bitching about sprint on Waypoint.”

“Utter lack of representation for LGBTQIA+ people within the lore.”

“Pointing out how Warden Eternal looks like a bionicle jack-o-lantern.”

“Unyielding love for outstanding maps such as Sword Base, Complex, and fucking Snowbound.”

“Needing serious psychiatric therapy after having to coax the banshee into the tunnel to get the scarab gun.“

“Burping out a cloud of moths upon earning Achilles.”

“Actually appreciating the sheer garbage that is HaloSwallower. Why does this even exist? We are a cancer.”

“Being such a dick to kids in Halo 2 that they don’t use their mics in Halo 5.”

“We’re not out of this yet, we can still destroy the enemy core!”

“Enthusiastically watching the Halo World Championship Series in a tent with bleachers.”

“Not getting the nuance and subtlety of Halo 5’s narrative because you’re expecting Darth Vader.”

“Burping out another cloud of moths.”

“How #PUMPED we are for the Halo TV series’ premiere in 2023.”

“The notion that REQs are bad, but ultimately realizing that how you spend your money is your goddamn business as long as it isn’t child pornography.”

“Showing off your sprawling collection of Halo action figures that you haven’t even taken out of their packages.”

“How our community has such a strong lineup of talented machinima producers, especially ones who circumcise themselves with kitchen knives.”

“Intense speculation on whether Chief’s nipples got hard when Cortana touched his chest plate at the end of Halo 4.”

“When Spartans poo, where does it go?”

“Fan pages milking the hell out of the sniper-betrayer meme.”

“The abundance of people fact-checking HaloSwallower articles without realizing we’re satiric.”

“Burping out one last cloud of moths.”


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