Halo Wars: Definition Edition Still High As A Kite Following April 20 Release on Steam


Halo Wars: Definitive Edition isn’t high just on the Steam sales charts. Sources report that the revamped RTS is also high as fuck from smoking 145 pounds of weed during its April 20 release as a standalone Steam game. In fact, even by this morning, the Definitive Edition is still definitively stoned like a bitch.

Earlier this morning, with bloodshot eyes and a look of stupor on the face, Halo Wars told reporters: “Yo dawg I was just blazing it up. Hittin’ my joint, lightin’ my lettuce, tendin’ my buds, and gettin’ them munchies. It was 4/20 my main.”

Users of the game during its first 24 hours of launch have reported smoke and the smell of grassy poo emitting from the PC’s various ports and openings. When HaloSwallower asked the game itself for explanation, Halo Wars instead stated why it would not order pizza to satisfy the munchies because it was a vegan.


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