Bonnie Ross Reveals Axe Needed to Use Splitscreen in Future Titles


It seems Bonnie Ross’s faith-restoring announcement at DICE 2017 last week is even more faith-restoring than previously known! Following up on her announcement at DICE, the 343 CEO revealed that players can run splitscreen ALL future Halo titles simply by splitting their TV screen in half with an axe.

“Initially, we had directed our teams to design games’ engines to efficiently run splitscreen at a stable framerate,” Ross told reporters, “but then we realized fans would feel restricted by not having a reason to bury the head of an axe into their TV screen.”

Ross continued, “So we undid the splitscreen-tailored changes to our unannounced games’ engines, and made it so adding splitscreen will be up to the fans.”

Likewise, Franchise Director Frank O’Connor told reporters, “We can’t wait to see what the community comes up with.”

It’s great to see 343 giving priority to pleasing the fans! What do you think?


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