343 removes Halo 5 Campaign due to low player count, replaces it with Spartan Ops


Where were you when 343 ‘killed’ Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris? For us here at Halo Swallower, we were going on another one of our ‘theory-crafting’ adventures, where our Lore team, consisting of me and my imaginary friends, was playing through the co-op campaign (no splitscreen though) for the millionth time searching for any possible straws to grasp that you would probably gobble up anyway.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. We had just retrieved the Constructor on the level “Enemy Lines”, and were about to talk to some NPCs on Sanghelios when suddenly, we were kicked back out to Halo 5’s main menu. After being briefly distracted by the UNSC Infinity in the background, we noticed that the “CAMPAIGN” option had been not-so-stealthily replaced by a “SPARTAN OPS” option.

Curious as we are, we decided to explore what the treasures lay beyond those words, and what we found next will shock you.

Instead of 15 Campaign missions split between playing as Locke and Chief, we found 10 Episodes, each with 5 Chapters, of Halo 5 Spartan Ops which allowed us to play as the same Spartan we would use in multiplayer.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, it wasn’t just a copy-paste of Halo 4’s Spartan Ops. It was 50 brand new levels using Halo 5’s assets, game engine and mechanics with their own story and dialogue. What’s more, unlike Halo 4’s Spartan Ops, which took place after Halo 4’s campaign, this one seems to take place at the same time as Halo 5, which really makes you wonder if the real reason behind why Halo 5’s story was so strange was because they exhausted their budget on Spartan Ops instead of Campaign.

Our inside spy at 343 Industries has reached out to us, claiming that Campaign was removed due to it having a low player count, and that they were trying something new with Spartan Ops.

With that in mind, and being the truthful journalists that we are, we took to the various online Halo communities to find out how people reacted to this abrupt, unexpected change. As expected, some were unhappy with the removal of Campaign. Carl Keto, a member of the Facebook group “Halo Shitposting”, said:

“I can’t believe they just took out Campaign like that. Campaign is one of my favorite [sic] things to play when I’m not playing multiplayer and I really love immersing myself in the deep lore of how reviving someone magically gives you an overshield and the exciting gameplay of punching Grunts in the face for hours on Easy difficulty. Also, I’m really sceptical about Campaign having a low player count. Almost everyone I know loves playing Campaign, and to replace it with something like Spartan Ops which has already been proven to not work is really a giant fuck you from 343 Industries. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to nut on this Kelly-087 figure.”

Of course, there were those on the other side of the fence (or wall) who were much more tolerant and welcoming of these changes. James Enol, also a member of “Halo Shitposting”, said:

“Ever since its massively successful debut in Halo 4, I’ve always wondered when it would come back. Indeed, I was frustrated to hear that it would not be included in Halo 5 at launch, but now that it is, I am happy again. All these sweaty nerds that actually play the Campaign seriously should learn to compromise and give us casual players some safe space for our games, and maybe learn to embrace the new and exciting gamemodes that 343 has put time and effort into giving us… for free!”

It should be noted that as of press time, Enol’s post saying that he would “jizz on his Vale action figure” if he gets 200 likes is now at 43 likes, while Keto has yet to post any image ever since we stopped interviewing him.

Regardless, no matter which side’s opinion they supported, literally all the people we have interviewed have expressed that “even though this new-fangled Spartan Ops thing in Halo 5 has some repetitive gameplay, its story is still much better than that of the Campaign.” And there you go, unbiased reporting from us at Halo Swallower, proving once again that we are NOT a fake news site!

It’s not Spartan Ops, it’s alternative Campaign


16 responses to “343 removes Halo 5 Campaign due to low player count, replaces it with Spartan Ops

  1. Here why the campaign went south. Split screen is awesome. You guys don’t seem to know that. My Wife and I Use to play Halo together. We really wanted Halo 5 to have a local Co op. It didn’t and people are sick of it.
    Come on return to the past for the sake of us who are still following Master chief and now Locke.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I made an account, just to like this and to comment that I 100% agree with this.

      My first triple A game experience was Halo (original), and I would play with my brother all the time on his xbox.
      With the new game releases me and him had a tradition of beating EVERY SINGLE game on coop together. Halo brought me into gaming more than anything else, and it was the coop and the split screen that sucked me into this world.

      NOW, no one does split screen or local coop.
      now that I own my own systems and live with my girl friend, we love to play games together but not a one game has local coop (that comes to mind).

      I am sick and damn tired of turning a game around (at my local EBgames) and seeing “coop” on it but seeing that it is only online coop. LIKE SERIOUSLY?

      I feel like the game industry is failing the Cooperative gamers hard these last few years.


  2. Why in the world would u do that remove Campaign 343 instead of removing Campaign fix you trash servers please I would be happy and u would have more players if u fix the server’s I have 10 friend who don’t play Halo 5 because of the server’s fix them soon please


    • I am not gonna say it is not the servers (cause it could be).
      But honestly, I used to have the worst time with playing online games on my Xbox one and PS4, and I found out their WIFI chips and receivers are total crap.

      Its better to just hook up a ethernet cable to your system from your router.

      Or alternatively. I put a Netgear Wifi range extender in my basement and hooked it up to an ethernet switch (with the port on the side of the extender) and then hooked the switch up to both my Xbox One and my PS4 and now I get decent internet. maybe I have issues every couple weeks. but other than that I can play big online games like Battlefield 1 and Halo 5 without lag or connection issues.


  3. Who ever wrote this article is a halo hater to be writing false information, halo 5 campaign will always be there if they did decide to add spartan ops it will be add into the game just like all the new multi player games they keep adding! Halo fans go to halo waypoint for information on upcoming events and changes at least it’s true


  4. I think its terrible idead first no splitscreen then they remove campaign I cant play online so it sucks and dont say I can play online I get 900 ping so its impossible for me to play online


  5. I didn’t catch that this was satire for a long time. Perhaps because the campaign is so incompetent, I actually thought this wasn’t such a bad idea. Locke is OK but shafting the Chief was a HUGE mistake. Too bad this is only a joke.


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