THEORY: Is John Wick Actually John-117


With the immin­ently imminent release of John Wick: Chapter Two just around the corner, we at Halo Swallower have taken it upon us to rewatch the first movie, John Wick, overanalysing every detail in search of any straws that we can grasp to put this theory together. (Besides, it’s a pretty cool movie, so who wouldn’t want to rewatch it anyway?)

So yes, as ridiculous as it might seem even after re-reading it a million times, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that beneath the green helmet and orange visor that has become the Master Chief’s brand, lies a familiar face – Neo John Wick.

First and foremost, most of the scenes that have Wick as the focus have some kind of green or blue lighting and background in them. Many believe that it is meant to symbolise the feelings of depression Wick goes through after the demise of his wife and as a counter colour to red – the colour of Viggo and the Russians, which is a reasonable interpretation, except it’s not what we think it means.

Instead, we think those very same colours are actually hints to the Chief’s colour motifs as well. Think about it: Green refers to the colour of 117’s iconic MJOLNIR armour, and blue refers to not only the colour of his (former) trusted companion Cortana, but also the namesake and general colour scheme of his SPARTAN-II Fireteam, Blue Team. How could we have been so colour blind?!

Secondly, one of the best fight sequences in John Wick takes place in a nightclub called the “Red Circle”, where Wick kicks some serious ass takes out a shitload of Russian mob members in intense gun and melee combat. Does that sound familiar? Because it should. In the first 3 Halo games, 117 also kicks ass and murders a crapton of alien bastards on Halo rings, which are basically circles too and probably have red somewhere on them.

Also, 343 Guilty Spark in particular is a floating red circle who got shit on by 117 with a laser to the face, much like how Iosef, who was at the Red Circle and is also represented by red, got fucked up by Wick with a gunshot to the face.

There are numerous references to classic Halo moments scattered throughout the movie too. When Wick is fighting in the Red Circle, he runs out of ammo at one point and quickly reloads his pistol before finishing off the henchman he had previously injured. This is a clear nod to what Captain Jacob Keyes says to 117 at the start of Halo: Combat Evolved – “I don’t keep it loaded son, you’ll have to find ammo as you go” when referring to the M6D he had just given the Chief.

When Wick is captured and lectured by Viggo in some warehouse, the former at one point says, “Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back”. While it is not common knowledge, this is actually what 117 says to Cortana at the exact moment she wakes him up from cryo-sleep at the beginning of Halo 4.

Oh, and how could we forget to mention the most obvious hint? Both 117 and Wick have “John” as their first name, and they are both basically immortal badasses who are ridiculously good at guns and fighting in general. Coincidence? I think not!

Also, the Chief has probably killed 3 Elites in a space wine bar using only a pencil too, so there’s that…


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