Tomi Lahren Transforms Into Flood Tank Form After Denouncing National Park Service Resistance Accounts


Immediately upon finishing an extended rant about anonymous National Park Service employees protesting the Trump Administration on Twitter, The Blaze host Tomi Lahren, still on video, transformed into a Flood Tank Form.

Throughout the video, viewers noticed a variety of peculiar details about Lahren—ranging from briefly changing to an inhuman growl while speaking, Spore Clouds occasionally  erupting from her nostrils, and even noticed her tongue was actually a red-tipped tendril extending from inside her throat. According to viewers, just as Lahren finished saying “So the liberal snowflakes care more about their precious freedom of speech more than they do about Making America Great Again,” her head bent forward at an odd angle, her left arm grew out to form a gigantic club, and her right arm shriveled up and shielded her mouth. She immediately spat Infection Forms towards the camera. Viewers reported hearing screams of agony from the cameraman as an Infection Form dug its tendrils into his chest and liquefied his organs, one by one. The screams slowly faded into bestial roars.

Investigation from law enforcement revealed that throughout the entirety of her career, Lahren was actually a Flood Pure Form sent to Earth to enact the Primordial’s promise of eternal suffering for all who are created.


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