THEORY: Is Fred-104 Actually Waluigi?

Halo: Tales From Slipspace has seen a sudden set of evidence release from one of its stories, ‘On The Brink.’ And that evidence has led to the possibility of an unprecedented reality: could Fred-104 actually be the infamous Waluigi from the Mario universe?

The evidence suggesting such is from a panel in ‘On The Brink’ in which Fred-104 lashes out at some rude scientists in a way that’s totally out-of-character. Specifically, it is the depiction of Fred-104’s previously well-chiseled face that sets the alarm. Take a look at the image below:


You may notice that Fred-104 has an unsettlingly similar appearance to Waluigi. Just like Waluigi, Fred’s face appears narrow and elongated; Fred’s eyebrows point sharply downwards like a roof turned upside down; Fred’s nose shoots out like a triangle to the point of mismatching his face. The only noticeable different is Fred lacks Waluigi crooked mustache, but we all know Waluigi could have just shaved (okay, the ears are completely different but you’re only imagining that. Got it?) prior to manifesting into Halo as Fred.

Now, I’d bring up even more irrefutable evidence but for whatever reason, Tales From Slipspace’s release date is all fucked up. Despite being able to see everyone tweeting about the Kindle version releasing today and how mixed their views are on the writing, Amazon has the release date set to November 29 whenever I try to buy it.


Amazon pls


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