NEWS: Original Halo 5 script found in Halo 5: Forge files

imageWith the recent launch of Halo 5: Forge on PC thanks to the Anvil’s Legacy update, many modders have already begun digging through its files in search of deleted content as well as possible future REQ items. However, one discovery in particular has caught our attention and it is none other than the original script for the campaign of Halo 5: Guardians.

Supposedly discovered by Gamecheat13 (who has also found the Anti-Air Wraith, Reach Grenade Launcher and Sentinel Beam, among other things, so go check him out) in a hidden folder, the 120-page-long document detailed many pretty cool things that, for whatever reason, did not appear in the final game. The folder also supposedly contained thousands of images of cats, ceiling fans and refrigerators, which really makes you wonder what the hell was going on during the writing process of Halo 5.

Halo Swallower managed to obtain a copy of this precious document and sacred icon, and upon analyzing its contents, found detailed write-ups describing things that the general public never got to see, ranging from a long, fast-paced, no-holds-barred fight scene between all members of Blue Team and Osiris on Meridian, to hundreds of lines of dialogue capturing the family-like bonds between John-117 and his team as they were portrayed in the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach (not the animated series!), all of which were seemingly discarded from the final script, never to be implemented in the game.

The document also contained a version of the Halo 5 story in which Jul ‘Mdama doesn’t die in the first mission, but instead works together with Fireteam Osiris and the Arbiter to bring down the Covenant Remnant. In the appendix of this document, there was also an alternate version of this alternate version of the story, where Jul ‘Mdama leaves Halsey behind and manages to escape from Osiris, only to have to fight them again on Sanghelios and be killed by the Arbiter after an intense boss battle. Both versions of this story were however, cut from the final script and shoved into a hidden folder in the game files, destined to never become a reality.

In addition, the document also had full transcripts for many missions for Blue Team, providing more character development for the Chief as he deals with Cortana’s death at the end of Halo 4, as well as serving to portray the other members of Blue Team as the deep and interesting characters that they were in the novels. These transcripts also indicated that the characters of Halo 5 would be to more locations around the galaxy. Of course, nobody would ever get to see this, because someone decided to seal it away in a hidden folder never to be found, just like how Cortana sealed the Chief in a cryptum in the Halo 5 campaign that we got.

Speaking of Cortana, the document also did not contain some A.I. revolt by Cortana, and had much less Warden Eternal in it. Surprisingly, Cortana barely even appeared in the document! Maybe she was the one who locked away the original script in the game files. Furthermore, the document also had transcripts for cutscenes that would actually help in character development rather than merely setting the scene as well as an actual hunt for the truth, with the characters actively questioning everything they have done and are doing, and a story arc showing Sarah Palmer and Dr Halsey reconciling their differences with each other. But, you guessed it, this got the same treatment as everything else we have mentioned so far – condemned to a hidden folder and never to be unearthed again.

Last but definitely not the least, the document also contained storyboards for Halo 5‘s closing cutscene to show the Master Chief giving the Arbiter a high-five, a bro-fist and having a dance-off. However, this idea clearly never made the final cut, and apparently suffered the same fate as the countless images of ceiling fans and other random things found in the same folder, which we can only assume to be major plot points as well.

Before we end off, to anyone who’s asking, we can’t really elaborate too much on the exact contents of this document, nor can we share it with everyone online, as ONI has repeatedly threatened to arrest and detain us in Midnight Facility. At press time, we have also been unable to contact Gamecheat13, who is said to be “on vacation”, which leads us to believe that he might have already been incarcerated.


7 responses to “NEWS: Original Halo 5 script found in Halo 5: Forge files

  1. Does anyone have a link for a downloadable version of this file? I’d love to sink my teeth into it whilst screaming and crying in agony over what we seemingly got instead….


    • I also hope, honestly, that the satire parts are just the ones where ONI is already after you… At least if such a folder existed, I’d know there to be some measure of talent on 343i’s remaining writing team…


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