Haven Flattered to Receive Remake

image.pngCalling the latest Halo 5: Guardians news a “pleasant surprise” and a “humbling honor,” Halo 4‘s popular Haven multiplayer map expressed gleeful gratitude upon learning that it will be remade as a Sanghelios-themed Arena map named Mercy.

“Believe me,” Haven told reporters, “I’d been ‘Haven’ enough of being snubbed out of Halo 5. Despite my legacy as Halo 4’s most popular map, I was at the total ‘Mercy’ of the developers and it’s just so great that I can make players chase each other through my elegant corridors yet again.”


Haven was a little disappointed to lose the floating structure above the stairway leading to the landing, but understands the changes are to enhance gameplay.

Mercy is included in the upcoming “Anvil’s Legacy” update for Halo 5, which penetrates your hard drive on September 8. Furthermore, Forge’s Windows 10 release also occurs on September 8, allowing the penetration to extend to your computer’s hard drive. That’s right, we’re talking double-penetration.


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