Spiciest Examples of Arthur’s Fist in Halo

You’ve seen it everywhere. A close-up shot of Arthur’s aardvark, cartoon fist, usually accompanied with a caption stating a relatable situation. With much effort, grinding, and REQ points, HaloSwallower has compiled a list of the spiciest, most well-seasoned, examples of Arthur’s fist appearing in the Halo franchise.

#1 – ‘Halo on Xbox One’ Announcement Trailer (E3 2013)

imageIronically, the ‘Halo on Xbox One’ Announcement Trailer – a trailer explicitly said not to be an announcement of Halo 5 – advertised the story of Halo 5: Guardians more accurately than any of the game’s actual trailers. Rather than suggesting that Chief was a traitor and betrayed the UNSC and killed civilians and turned colonies to ruins and now there was a huge manhunt to hunt him down, the ‘Halo on Xbox One’ trailer simply hinted Chief going rogue to find Cortana and encountering a giant Forerunner bird thing along the way. Alas, within the trailer, a close-up shot of Chief’s gauntleted fist can be seen while the giant Forerunner bird thing rises from the sand.

#2 – Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Trailer (E3 2014)

imageAnnouncing the return of Nathan Fillion’s godly voice since 2009, and the return of Halo multiplayer betas since 2010, the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Trailer caused a shitstorm of excitement among many. Lore-savvy folks wondered if an unidentified weapon seen was the in-game debut of the MA5K, whereas some more simple-minded folks jumped to the conclusion that “Spartan Abilities” was a cryptic way of saying “Armor Abilities.” Funny enough, the removal of Armor Abilities was something 343 was actually honest about during Halo 5‘s development. Regardless, the first shot of a Spartan in the trailer was a close-up of a red team member’s clenched fist.

#3 – Halo: Reach, Exodus Opening Scene

imageSimilar to the ‘Halo on Xbox One’ Announcement Trailer, this example of Arthur’s Fist is of a Spartan holding something reminding them of a fallen friend to give them strength and/or courage and/or whatever. Where the ‘Halo on Xbox One’ trailer showed the Master Chief holding Cortana’s old datachip as he prepares to face the Guardian, Exodus Opening Scene shows Noble Six holding Jorge-052’s dogtags as he/she prepares to enter the Covenant-occupied city of New Alexandria. Perhaps it was one of the more emotional moments in an arguably bland story. I for one laughed my ass off when Kat died, but Jorge’s death was, well, noble.

#4 – Spartan Ops Episode 4: Didact’s Hand

imageInstances of Arthur’s Fist are usually foreground shots meant to have a high emphasis in the production within which they appear. They’re meant to capture your attention, to make you think. However, sometimes Arthur’s Fist prefers to be hidden, to be something seen only to the observant of eye. In this case, Arthur’s Fist appears on Jul ‘Mdama in a shot focusing on Doctor Glassman. The audience’s attention is intended to be directed at Glassman, but a rebellious viewer will notice Jul’s fist visible at the right side of the screen. 343 certainly put a lot of talent and thought into such a clever easter egg!

#5 – Fist of Rukt

imageOkay, this isn’t an actual fist, but please don’t tell us you don’t clench your fist when you saw that motherfucker Tartarus brand the Mark of Shame on poor Thel’s nipples.


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