Man Angrily Tells Internet Forum That Halo Has Gone Downhill


Local man Kevin Cooper sounded off Thursday, posting his discontentment about the direction the Halo series is going. In his rant, Cooper claimed that Halo simply does not take any skill anymore, and is turning into a Call of Duty clone. “What happened to the good old days when everyone used their mics?” asked Kevin Cooper in the middle of his post.

In the midst of his lengthy, incessant rant, he had trouble deciding whether Halo had died at Halo 3 or Halo Reach. “On one hand, I had a good time on Reach and Bungie made it. But Halo 3 was the pinnacle of the series and would have been a good place to end it.” Cooper thought to himself. After much deliberation, he decided to say that Halo went downhill after Reach but should have stopped at 3.

Cooper spent the rest of his night responding to comments from people enjoying the game, giving them numerous reasons why they are actually not having fun and how their opinion is wrong.


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