Prophet of Truth Promises to Make the Journey Great Again


On Tuesday, the former leader of the Covenant and holy hierarch, the Prophet of Truth, announced he is running for president. His central message of the campaign is that he will “Make the Journey Great Again.” Halo Swallower sat down for an exclusive interview with the power hungry vermin, and Truth had the following to say:

“We just don’t win anymore. The safeguarding of Halo was a colossal failure, and our trip to the ark was a mess.  We need a true, strong leader to Make the Journey Great Again! The Covenant – we’ll win. And then we’ll win some more. We’re gonna start winning so much that you’ll be tired of winning.”


Despite attempting to kill every sentient being in the galaxy, the Prophet of Truth is doing quite well in the polls. We asked one supporter why she liked Truth. She said,

“He may have tried to destroy humanity and light the Halos, but that’s what I like about him. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and he isn’t afraid of political correctness”

Stay tuned to Halo Swallower for more coverage of the 2558 election.


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