Wow! Frank O’Connor’s Nose Grows With Every Lie He Tells!


Frank O’Connor (right), franchise director at 343 Industries, has built an undeniable reputation among fans and critics of the Halo franchise alike. Unfortunately, Mr O’Connor has made a ghastly transformation from a living meme wielding a space mop to a condescending liar. As such, Mr O’Connor has seen significant nose-growth as a result of his needless and incessant lying:


“Blue Team probably has more lines of dialogue in Halo 5 than they have in all the books, comics, and videos released to date.” [Halo 5, GameInformer preview]



“The story is really about ‘what effect did Cortana’s sacrifice have on the Chief, and what effect does her loss have on him?” [Halo 5, GameInformer preview]


“Cortana is not evil.” [The Sprint, ‘Ship It’]



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