NEWS: Recently Announced Halo Legendary Crate Actually Just a Box Full of Outdated Memes


The recently-announced Halo Legendary Crate, produced in conjunction between 343 Industries and Loot Crate, has caused an egregious amount of hysterical excitement among fans interested in collecting Halo merchandise. As revealed in the official announcement, the Halo Legendary Crate will deliver “exclusive figures, apparel, collectibles, in-game items, and other UNSC-approved loot from the biggest and best moments across the Halo universel every two months with each crate costing $35 USD.

However, 343 Industries CEO and Founder, Bonnie Ross, has stated that the Halo Legendary Crate will follow the fan-favored Halo trend of not being accurate to its advertisement. That’s right, the Halo Legendary Crates will not deliver “exclusive figures, apparel, collectibles,” and other crap, but will instead simply be a box full of outdated memes.

Ross elaborated:

We know fans are excited for the content promised in our original announcement for the Halo Legendary Crate, but as a company, we at 343 Industries value consistency above all else. That means just like our latest games, the Halo Legendary Crate must be very, very different from what was advertised. We are excited to see what the community will come up with in their collections.

The memes are also anticipated to have excessive use of Comic Sans.


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