Top 8 Halo Easter Eggs


Halo is known for its fair share of Easter Eggs. From the soothing Siege of Madrigal to the iconic Marathon symbols to the adorable special dialogue Grunts scattered throughout the games, there is always something mesmerizing waiting to be discovered and to pleasantly surprise us. Here at Halo Swallower, we have compiled a list of the top 8 Easter Eggs in Halo for you to try to find! Enjoy!

1. The Pillar of Autumn explodes, destroying Installation 04  along with it (Halo: Combat Evolved)

One of the most satisfying Easter Eggs in the Halo trilogy, this spectacular explosion also sent a fragment of Alpha Halo crashing into the other side of the ring, which resulted in one of the most beautiful fragmentation effects ever seen in an Easter Egg.

2. A Forerunner Dreadnought arrives at Earth with the Master Chief on board (Halo 2)

“Sir, finishing this fight.” One of the most badass one-liners in Halo history, said by the most badass SPARTAN-II, hidden in one of the most badass Easter Eggs in Halo.

3. Master Chief enters a cryotube and begins his long slumber (Halo 3)

The most shocking Halo Easter Egg ever (of all time) shows the Master Chief actually sleeping on the job, abandoning his companion Cortana in the vacuum of outer space, and even mocking future Halo storywriters by saying “Wake Me When You Need Me”.

4. Shield World 0459 violently implodes (Halo Wars)

Another satisfying visual spectacle, this Halo Easter Egg perfectly captured everything it means to be a Halo fan – Alien worlds exploding, a single human ship barely making it out, and Nolan North’s character dying. (okay, maybe not that last part, but still…)

5. Vergil (Halo 3: ODST)

The only Easter Egg on this list to be a character, Vergil, also known as Quick to Adjust, embodied everything about Halo. Its fabulous bio-luminescent purple and blue patterns collectively symbolized how fabulous the game was, and individually they were references to the Covenant (purple) and Cortana (blue) respectively.

6. Noble 6 kicks some serious ass, then dies (Halo: Reach)

In what can be considered the most badass Easter Egg on this list, Noble 6, the silent, nameless protagonist of Halo: Reach mercilessly murders Sangheili after Sangheili before meeting his totally non-canon heroic end, truly encompassing Halo‘s theme – Sacrifice.

7. Cortana dies (Halo 4)

In what is nothing more than an attempt by 343 Industries to mislead us into getting emotional, this extremely difficult-to-get Easter Egg in Halo 4 shows the death of one of the series’ most iconic and beloved characters, which, being an Easter Egg, obviously didn’t happen.

8. Cortana brings a Guardian to Earth and uses it to generate a massive EMP (Halo 5:  Guardians)

Okay, now they’re just fucking with us big time.

So there you have it, our Top 8 Halo Easter Eggs of all time! Now that you know that they actually exist, maybe this will inspire you to start searching for them! Happy hunting! This is Halo Swallower, signing off.


2 responses to “Top 8 Halo Easter Eggs

  1. none of these are easter eggs. An easter egg is something the developers hide in the game as a little joke like the special ending of Halo: Combat Evolved when you beat it on legendary and it shows a cutsceen with SGT. Johnson and an Elite holding eachother as the Autum explodes.


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