#GruntLivesMatter Movement Gaining Traction After Latest Warzone Firefight Trailer


It seems the lowermost voices in the Covenant hegemony are finally being given the social justice they deserve. An enormous outcry from journalists and activists has followed developer 343 Industries’s latest trailer for the upcoming “Warzone Firefight” gamemode in Halo 5: Guardians. The trailer (included at the end of this article), has been hugely criticized for showing and glorifying murder of innocent Unggoy minding their own business on the simulated battlefield of Escape from A.R.C..

Among those outraged, an Unggoy named Fapyap (founder of the Food-Nipple Organization for Grunty Justice) has shared with us his views on the trailer. Fapyap said:

Warzone Firefight trailer very bad. We Unggoy are tired of our people being slaughtered by Spartans. We wear food-nipple to breathe and eat, yet Spartans assume food-nipple is weapon and then Spartans shoot us. Not all Unggoy support Covenant; Unggoy are forced into Covenant to make living and feed family because Spartans don’t accept Unggoy into their society. Unggoy lives matter too, you see? #GruntLivesMatter

However, even in light of the validity of Fapyap and his people’s struggles and oppression at the hands of the UNSC, many humans and other Covenant races alike are resistant in acknowledging the legitimacy of the lives of Unggoy. Fel Chun, a Kig-Yar mercenary operating a stolen UNSC Marathon-class Cruiser, has responded to Unggoy crew members asking for basic rights simply by saying “#AllCovieLivesMatter” and throwing offending Unggoy out the airlocks. Vice Admiral Serin Osman, Commander in Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence, attempted to justify continued crimes against Unggoy by claiming “If Unggoy don’t want to be shot, then they shouldn’t wear those stupid masks around.”

The Warzone Firefight trailer is visible here:

Do #GruntLivesMatter? Join the discussion and tell us what you think in the comments below!


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