NEWS: 343 Cancels Halo Wars 2 in favor of Halo 5 Anniversary

imageIn another excellent story telling move by the team at 343 Industries, the upcoming Halo Wars 2 has been completely scraped, and in its place, 343 is moving forward with the development of Halo 5 Anniversary.

This sudden change of plan was announced during the release of the Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian update. At the very bottom of the message of the day welcoming you to the expansion on Halo 5’s home menu, there is extremely minuscule text which reads, “Oh also halo wars 2 is canceled lol we’re doing H5 Anniversary instead.”

The announcement is going over with the community just about as well as you’d think it would. That this, to put it eloquently, the community is collectively expressing the emotion you feel when you’ve been beating the Warden unassisted in Warzone only to have him sniped by an enemy at the last second.

Haloswallower managed to secure an interview with Bonnie Ross after using a helicopter to fly over the crowd of angry RTS fanatics crowding the entrance to the 343 building, inserting through the roof. then crashing directly into the office below. After asking her as politely as possible what the actual fuck what was happening , she gave the following statement.

“Look, Anniversaries are sort of our thing here. We’ve already remastered 1 and 2, and we felt that it was the right creative direction to remake the most recent campaign for the maximum gaming experience. And Wars 2? That project would’ve been killed by Microsoft anyways, claiming that RTS’s don’t sell as well.”

She went on to add that Halo 5 Anniversary will include such features as “Graphics that are slightly better then Halo 5’s are, skulls that are only unlockable through pre-ordering, and the ability to cause the enemy team in Warzone to lose REQ access.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.



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