Nornfang Shot Wasted on Dead Body

imageConsidered by many to be “the greatest tragedy ever since that one guy got his ONI Mantis spawn-boarded”, multiple sources from a Warzone game on Battle of Noctus  reported that at some point during the game, a Red Spartan standing on top of the East Armory with his Nornfang accidentally shot a dead body instead of dirty, living Blue Spartan during a routine kill-farming operation.

According to witnesses, the Red Spartan, who has declined to be named, had just finished racking up 3 easy kills on unsuspecting blue Spartans when he, upon spotting movement somewhere in his peripheral vision, instinctively fired at a blue blob, only to realize far too late that the blue blob was the falling corpse of a Blue Spartan that had just recently been annihilated by a teammate’s Whiplash.

“I just can’t believe it,” the Red Spartan said in an interview with HaloSwallower, “I had been saving that Nornfang REQ card for so many months, waiting and waiting for the perfect moment to use it to rack up some sick multikills for my YouTube channel. When I saw that we controlled all bases and were spawn-killing the Blue team instead of destroying their core, I knew that this was the moment I had been waiting for. I claimed my Nornfang from the REQ station, clambered to the top of the Monument, ready to hit some sick snipes. I never expected to accidentally waste a shot on a dead body. I have no idea how I’m going to face myself anymore, and I certainly don’t know if I’ll ever dare to use a Nornfang REQ, or any high-value REQ for that matter, ever again.”

This incident is not the first incident involving wasted or insufficiently utilized Power Weapon shots to happen in Halo 5: Guardians. Just last month there was an incident where a Spartan accidentally wasted a Prophet’s Bane sword lunge on an injured Marine. And just last week, a shot from a SPNKr Prime reportedly missed the enemy Spartan it was supposed to hit. More recently, yesterday to be precise, a Spartan took 4 shots with the Didact’s Signet to kill an enemy Spartan, which is 3 shots too many in case you did not notice.

Such fears of REQ ammo wastage have compelled many Halo players to go online and raise concerns about this pertinent issue. On /r/halo, one user said that “if we miss or waste a shot while using a REQ power weapon, they should refund us that shot immediately!” Another user on the Halo Waypoint forums asserted that “aim-assist should be cranked up to the maximum when using high-value REQs so as to ensure maximum efficiency for ammo uasge [sic]” Perhaps the most eloquently phrased suggestion was in the YouTube comments section of a random Halo 5 commentary, stating that “these fucking monkeys at 343 and ms better give me a full refund every cent ive spent on those fucking req pack scams, cant believe the game is so buggy you can actually miss shots with things like the nornfang”.

At the time of writing, 343 Industries has not responded to HaloSwallower’s request for comment.

Regardless, the wastage of a single Nornfang shot on a dead body today is a true tragedy, and Halo 5 players playlist-wide have made it an hono(u)r rule to stop all games at the half-of-total-score point to mourn this loss.



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