NEWS: Sub-Average player elated to have appeared briefly in progamer’s sniping montage


Jumping out of his DXRacer Gaming Chair and screaming in joy, sub-average Halo player Daniel Barker, 16, reportedly hugged everyone and everything in his house while shouting “I appeared in Kampy’s montage” over and over again.

According to family members, Barker was idly browsing the YouTube on his laptop on just another lifeless Saturday morning when he found that his idol, Kampy, had just released a new Halo 5 Sniping montage. Intrigued, Barker watched the video, and halfway through, suddenly started screaming “I finally did it!” his deep and loud voice drowning out the Halo announcer’s sexy voice saying “Overkill” and “Snapshot”.

Once Barker had calmed down, HaloSwallower proceeded to interview him about the experience. “Kampy was playing Big Team Strongholds, I think, on that Headlong remake, whatever it’s called, and he just picked up the Sniper and quickly got 3 headshots while scoped in. Then he jumped off the ledge he was standing on, started to ground pound while spinning around, then cancelled the ground pound at the last second with a thrust forward, and, still spinning, no scoped an enemy player on the other side of the map while in the air!” Barker recalled. “But then, I looked at the killfeed, and saw that the Airborne Snapshot for the Overkill was actually on my gamertag! I couldn’t believe it. It was almost like opening a Silver REQ pack and getting a Nornfang or Sentinel DMR or ONI Mantis or something.”

The Silver 4 player, who has a K/D ratio that hovers around 0.3, is said to play Halo 5’s Arena multiplayer only when Kampy is streaming on Twitch, searching for a match only when Kampy starts searching. According to Barker’s parents, this practice of stream-sniping has resulted in Barker sitting in front of the TV for hours on end, refusing to sleep or eat or go to the bathroom until he got in the same game as Kampy or until Kampy stopped sleeping.

“The untainted wisdom of Twitch chat kept telling me that I would never match Kampy, simply because my Arena rank is too low, and there are too many players anyway,” Barker said, “but that did nothing to stop me. In fact, it spurred to try searching for a match even harder and faster, better and stronger, and eventually I got somewhere.” After months of trying, Barker finally got into a game of Big Team Strongholds on Guillotine, and after rushing Kampy for the entire game, finally got his big break when he was no-scoped on spawn by Kampy with only 30 seconds left in the game.

“At that moment, Twitch chat exploded in amazement, but frankly, I wasn’t entirely sure if it was good enough for Kampy to use in a montage, and was quite disappointed that I didn’t fully capitalize on the rare opportunity to get montaged by Kampy, but now that I, along with Kampy’s other 100000 subscribers, have seen my Spartan getting blasted in the face, I now feel good about myself, knowing that all those months spent were not in vain, and I have successfully gotten my one second of Internet fame by getting montaged by a FaZe player.”

At the time of writing, HaloSwallower managed to locate a YouTube comment left by Barker on Kampy’s montage about how proud he was to have been sniped in the face by Kampy, which, unfortunately for Barker, happened to be ignored completely by the Halo community.

When asked about what he intends to do now that he has achieved his goal of appearing in a Kampy montage, Barker said that he now intends to get in the same Warzone match as Pingy in order to experience the glorious moment of getting sniped by his Nornfang, which will hopefully be uploaded to YouTube for everyone to see.


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