THEORY: Is the Seeker Helmet Actually an Expresso Machine?


Halo 5: Guardians has an enormous and ever-expanding supply of different helmets for players to customize their Spartans with. Many of these helmets are revamped versions of predecessors in previous Halo games, and even more are entirely new.

Among these helmets, the Seeker helmet stands as the most ridiculous-looking helmet in any video game, ever. In fact, not even the Venture helmet—which looks strikingly like a human vulva (seriously though)—can top the absolute hilarity of the Seeker helmet.

In spite of its embarrassing presence in the gaming industry, the Seeker helmet may be more than a set of headgear designed to make SPARTAN super soldiers look like Anteaters. The Seeker helmet may actually be an Expresso Machine.

Take a gander at this close-up shot of the helmet (well we tried to get the pic, but it put our brain cells at risk so we canned it). You’ll notice that along the sides of the visor, there are an assortment of cylinders embedded within. The helmet’s shape contours to the cylinders, suggesting that they are actually containers and not just doodads.

Contrary to the seemingly pointless absurdity of the helmet’s pointless embedded cylinders, it can be inferred that the cylinders are containers to hold reserves of water. This water is then heated by reactors integrated into the armor, and then mixed with ground coffee beans to serve the wearer a delicious and refreshing serving of a Starbucks(TM) mocha frappé.

The Seeker helmet is an adaptable set of equipment offering users the unparalleled access to Starbucks(TM) Coffee on the battlefield. Remember that, next time you accuse it of resembling an Anteater.


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