2558 Election: Candidate Profiles

With Galactic Tuesday quickly approaching, Halo Swallower is providing a quick and easy way to get to know the candidates and their beliefs. Check out your 2558 candidates on the issues:

Andrew Del Rio: Tough AI policy, believes AI should be surrendered and decommissioned. A rational and responsible leader.

Slogan: HUNT the CHIP

Presidential Ad

Avery Johnson: Former military sergeant and POW. Has a hawkish foreign policy. Advocate for education reforms. Also recently deceased, which may hurt his chances.

Slogan: Folks Need Heroes

Presidential Ad

Sarah Palmer: Candidate that no one actually cares for, like most politicians. Wants to “take care of” senior citizens, specifically Halsey. Only candidate that acknowledges eggheads.

Slogan: Rated E for Eggheads

Presidential Ad

Jul ‘Mdama: Wants to be voice of Sangheili. Tired of The Arbiter’s lead and establishment politics.Wants to completely and utterly destroy humans.

Slogan: Make Sanghelios Great Again

Presidential Ad


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