THEORY: Is the Brute Chieftain from Halo Wars 2 Actually Chewbacca?

This article contains minor Star Wars TFA spoilers


The Jiralhanae Chieftain from the first trailer of Halo Wars 2 has both a serious hate boner against Red Team, and has suddenly appeared to attack the UNSC Spirit of Frappé. This Chieftain carries a giant, bad ass mace, and absolutely wrecked Douglas-042 in the announcement trailer.

However, we have no idea as to who this Chieftain is. Some fans have speculated that he is the Jiralhanae Army Commander from the first installment to the Halo Wars saga. However, it is implied that such individual died—slain by the Arbiter in an ambush—during the terminals of Halo 2: Anniversary. Some fans also have speculated that he is Castor, leader of the Keepers of the One Freedom, first seen in Halo: Last Light. However, the Halo Wars 2 Chieftain neither matches the description of Castor, nor is it even known when the game will take place.

That is why HaloSwallower has concluded that the mysterious Chieftain of Halo Wars 2 is actually Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise.


(Ignore the incest)

Why is the Chieftain actually Chewbacca? The answer is simple.

They’re both hairy behemoths

The first thing to be noticed about Wookies and Jiralhanae alike, provided that they are not shaven, is that they’re virtually completely covered in hair. Though Wookies are rather uniform in hair length, and Jiralhanae (depending on faction and even social status) range from long, wavy hair to short fur, they are prolific hair-bearers. The Jiralhanae may simply just be an evolution of the Wookie, transported to the Milky Way by the Precursors (did we mention that the Precursors and the Force are one in the same?) millions of years ago.

They both tower over humans

This goes without saying, but Chewbacca is much taller than the human cast within the Star Wars series. This is a trait shared by all Wookie, minus children. Jiralhanae are likewise taller than humans, and most species in the galaxy, as well. Again, irrefutable evidence suggesting an identical identity between Chewie and the Chieftain.

They’re both much stronger than humans

During Star Wars: The Force Wakes Up at 6:00 AM for Work, Finn remarks on how Chewbacca may very well kill him as he struggles to tend to the Wookie’s wounds. During the Halo Wars 2 announcement trailer, Douglas-042 is seen being RKO’d by the Chieftain. That’s right: we’re seeing two individuals who were constricted into the military from a young age being superslammed by two large, hairy behemoths.

*Waits potentially for next Halo Wars 2 trailer to confirm this theory.*


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