THEORY: Is Andrew Del Rio actually Dr Alan Hill from Until Dawn?

Several Halo characters bear many similarities to people in real-life and/or other fiction. Spartan Edward Buck of Fireteam Osiris looks, sounds and acts exactly like Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly, as both characters were played by Nathan Fillion, whose personality Buck was based on. Similarly, Sergeant Johnson also behaves like Sergeant Apone from Aliens, as the former was based on the latter. Despite all of this, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that any Halo character is the exact same entity as any character from another form of fiction, until now.

Enter Andrew Del Rio. Many know him as “that asshole from Halo 4 who yelled at the Master Chief, ordering him to surrender Cortana’s data chip”. Others know him as the washed up former Captain of the UNSC Bound for Disaster Infinity, who later went on to become a relatively popular UEG Senator. Regardless, he did not appear in Halo 5: Guardians and the last time we heard from him was in the #HUNTtheTRUTH campaign. So, the question now is – what the hell happened to him? The answer, surprisingly, might lie in the PS4-exclusive interactive drama survival horror adventure video game Until Dawn.

In Until Dawn, there is a character named Dr Alan Hill, a psychiatrist who appears in therapy sessions with the player throughout the game. He usually shows the player photos, and asking them different types of questions depending on context and how far the game has progresses and as the game goes on, he and his office begin to deteriorate and decay. But let’s stop with the useless information and potential spoilers and go on to the real stuff – what is the evidence that Andrew Del Rio is Dr Alan Hill?


Firstly, Del Rio and Dr Hill bear an uncanny resemblance to each other, and they don’t even share the same voice actor! (Mark Rolston for Del Rio and Peter Stormare for Dr Hill) This is more than evidence to prove that the two are the same entity, but we here at HaloSwallower, with our credible theories and reputable articles, won’t stop there.

In addition, both Del Rio and Dr Hill have very unstable personalities. As you can see very obviously in the above video, Del Rio has flared up at the Master Chief on more than one occasion. Similarly, Dr Hill is portrayed in gameplay to be unstable, shouting and hurling expletives at the player in the later stages of the game. So yeah, more evidence that they are one and the same.

Furthermore, both Del Rio and Dr Hill have first names starting with the letter “A”. Just thought I’d put that out there just in case you somehow forgot that we were talking about how the two could be the same.

But wait, don’t Halo and Until Dawn take place more than 500 years apart from each other? How could Dr Hill have become the Captain of the UNSC’s flagship after 500 years without aging and without cryo technology? And how the hell did he gain the expertise to operate the ship when he was trained to be a psychiatrist? Well, we have one perfect explanation.

After Andrew Del Rio was portrayed negatively as an asshole shouting at the Master Chief and stuff in Halo 4 (A Microsoft exclusive, in case you weren’t aware) and embarrassed even further in #HUNTtheTRUTH, and later on by HALO Memes, he decided that he finally had enough of Microsoft’s shit and stormed out of their HQ/Office/whatever you wanna call it. He then went to Sony, Microsoft’s most obvious competitor in the video game console industry, and got them to put him into one of their exclusives just to get revenge on Microsoft, and that exclusive happened to be Until Dawn! Hooray! One less asshole in the Halo universe!

But still, don’t mess with Del Rio


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