THEORY: Could Governor Sloan Be The Didact?


Before this theory can be presented, we need to make it absolutely clear that the Didact did not, in fact, die at the end of “The Next 72 Hours.” His article in Halo Waypoint’s universe encyclopedia clearly states that he was composed. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself.

Anyway, after narrowly surviving a pulse grenade to the chest and falling into a slipspace vortex, and then slaying an entire team of Spartan II’s in a way that represents a hallmark of bad writing, and then coming across a facility that creates Composers, and then gaining access to six Composers, Installation 03’s activation index, and Installation 03 itself, the Ur-Didact was tricked into rendering himself into a digital essence by the Master Chief, Blue Team, and 858 Static Carillon.

Many expected that the Didact, or Digidact, or MechaDidact, would play a role in Halo 5: Guardians. Other than a handful (and that’s being generous) of mentions, he did not. Instead, we were blessed with fighting the same fucking boss eight times in the campaign. Now, while the motives of Cortana and the Warden Eternal can be seen as less black and white than that of other villains, many felt the wrath of disappointment from the Didact’s absence.

But was he really absent?

The Didact might not have had an identified role, but only a casual lore n00b would believe they could doubt the possibility of him having a secret role with impunity. That is because Halo 5 offered another major AI other than Cortana and Roland, and his name is Governor Sloan. Why is Governor-fucking-Sloan remotely related to the possibility of the Didact having a secret role in the campaign? Because the Didact fucking is Governor Sloan. Here’s why:

They’re both pretty damn tall.

Though we did not see him for long in his avatar form, Governor Sloan’s hologram towered over the people of Meridian. The size of his hologram was almost intimidating, and made it abundantly clear that this motherfucker had control over the planet. The Didact, like most Warrior-Servants, stood more than twice the height of normal humans. Surely, the Didact would want to maintain his looming stature within his digital form?

They’re both mentally unstable.

Upon meeting Governor Sloan up close, Vale noted that he seemed “unstable.” Tanaka quickly chimed in and explained that Sloan was likely rampant, which Sloan then indirectly confirmed. Just by his lack of rationale in Halo 4 alone, it was obvious that the Didact wasn’t in the best state of mind compared to his previous appearances in the Halo media. It wasn’t until Halo: Silentium that our suspicions were confirmed: the Didact had not only been mind-fucked by the Flood, but then forced to spend a hundred thousand years in a Cryptum with only his own anger to keep him company. Thanks, Obama.

At this point, you’re probably going to point out that the backstory of Governor Sloan has indeed been fleshed out by Halo Waypoint’s encyclopedia, essentially disproving this entire theory. Well, guess what? Don’t tell us how to ignore our lore. 

Got it?


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