THEORY: Is Tanaka Actually Echo 419?

imageWhen Halo: Combat Evolved first released, it revolutionized first person shooters with its intense combat, engaging environments, and most importantly, a sassy Pelican pilot. Foehammer quickly became a veritable icon of the series, right up until her untimely death by Pelican crash in the first game. However, new evidence has come to light that suggests Foehammer may have in fact survived, and donned the identity of everyone’s other favorite sassy soldier, Holly Tanaka. Let’s examine the evidence, painstakingly compiled by us here at Halo Swallower.

  • Foehammer and Tanaka have both ridden in Pelicans.
  • They both offer sassy remarks unhelpfully in the middle of battle.
  • They have both attempted to locate the Master Chief, such as when Foehammer desperately attempted to contact him when he was taken to the Library, and Tanaka when her and Fireteam Osiris tried to retrieve/fist fight/rescue the Chief.
  • They’re both females.

If all this evidence isn’t enough to convince you that Foehammer and Tanaka are one and the same, this interview will certainly put the nail in the coffin. We spoke with Ben D. Sover on the deck of the Infinity, who said:

“What the hell are you asking me for? I’m just the janitor, I don’t even know who Tanaka is. You’d literally get better info by taking a ship to Balaho and asking random Grunts.”
Theory confirmed.


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