6 Things You Could’ve Bought With The $500 You Spent On The Halo 5 Xbox One

Bought the $500 Halo 5 1TB Xbox One Bundle and wondering if you could have stretched your dollar a bit more? Well look no further, we over here at HaloSwallower have compiled a definitive list of stuff that you could have bought with that money. Who knows? We might even make you regret your purchase!

1. 250 Silver REQ Packs


Halo 5: Guardians introduces the REQ system, which allows you to earn baseball cards from opening card packs. Things you can get include: Armor pieces, weapon skins, assassination animations and one-time power weapons for use in Warzone. One extremely popular strategy to quickly maxing out your collection is to go through silver or even bronze packs until you get all Common-Rare REQs. And what better way to do that than to take the $500 you spent on a console to buy a crapload of Silver REQ packs? You’ll definitely be getting a DMR for sure! (no, you can’t buy Bronze packs)

2. Two Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Editions


Sure, the bundle may have an Xbox One that looks and sounds pretty cool, and even a pretty sexy-looking controller too. But you know what the Limited Collector’s Edition has? A Chief-and-Locke statue that pretty much has more functions than a Swiss Army Energy Sword. From a nice decoration to a pretty paperweight, or even something to hurl at someone in a fit of rage, the Limited Collector’s Edition is pretty much more cost-effective than the Xbox One  bundle. And guess what? You could’ve bought it TWICE! That’s even better than just ONE!

3. 7 Master Chief Xbox One Controllers


The Halo 5 Xbox One bundle comes with a Locke-themed controller, but really what we all want is some fresh merchandise based on our favorite strong-silent green machine. Which is why you really should have bought 7 Master Chief Xbox One controllers instead of that Locke-themed stuff. Now how can you even be sure that the Chief is an actual character in Halo anymore? And more importantly, how can you be sure that you really got your money’s worth?

4. 96 Months (or 8 years) of Xbox Live Gold


It doesn’t matter how many weeks of Free Xbox Live Gold membership the Xbox One bundle gives you, because you could have bought 8 years of Xbox Live Gold membership with the money you spent on that bundle. In case you didn’t realize it yet, that is more than enough to let you play whatever multiplayer games, Halo 5 or otherwise, until Halo 6 is released, and then you can buy the Halo 6 Xbox One bundle! Hooray!

5. 8 copies of Halo 5: Guardians Standard Edition


Yes, we know that the Xbox One bundle does give you a copy of Halo 5: Guardians, but why play Halo 5 when you can play Halo 5? Besides, you can always give the extra copies away to your friends so that they can play with you! Definitely more value and fun than a specially-designed Xbox One bundle, right?

6. 147 Lipton Teabags


Why spend $500 on a Xbox One with Halo 5 to teabag players a few times when you can do it 147 times in real life with the same amount of money? In case you didn’t realize, you can also use Lipton teabags to make tea for drinking. Can your 1TB Xbox One do that? Didn’t think so. Also, with Lipton teabags, you will have something to do if Xbox Live goes down for whatever reason! How cool is that?! (Finally, Lipton did not pay us to say any of this, although we really hope they would)


As you can see, the money that you spent on the Halo 5 1TB Xbox One bundle could have been put to better use, so you’d better get a refund before it’s too late to buy all these wonderful items. If you’re looking to purchase the bundle but have not done so yet, we, over here at HaloSwallower, strongly implore you to reconsider your decision. Nothing matters more to us than ensuring a reality in which you never make choices you might regret in the future.


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