Top 7 Examples of the Golden Ratio Expressed in Halo


According to Wikipedia, “two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities” and the Golden Ratio (~1.61803399) is closely related to the Fibonacci sequence, which you would know if you actually paid attention during Math class instead of reading HaloSwallower articles, but whatever, we don’t care either.

Anyway, just like how the Golden Ratio can be found in Nature, Classical Art and Architecture, it can also be found in some of Halo‘s most iconic designs. We here at HaloSwallower have spent many hours searching for the Golden Ratio in-game and have compiled the best of the best examples that we have found.

1. 343 Guilty Spark


Evidently, the Forerunners recognized the beauty and precision of the Golden Ratio and incorporated it into all their designs, especially for their Monitors.

2. Sangheili Jaw


I’m sorry, what did you just say? I can’t hear you over the sound of the 1.61803399 “wort wort wort”s coming out of this Elite’s mouth!

3. Forerunner Guardian


Few people can see that the beauty of the Golden Ratio embodied in the Guardians greatly outweighs the terror and destruction that they can bring.

4. UNSC Infinity


Indeed, this is the culmination of Human achievement in putting the Golden Ratio on things to make them more beautiful.

5. The Lesser Ark/Installation 00


It may be difficult to see the Golden Ratio on The Ark, but it’s definitely there. Also, it’s probably the largest recorded appearance of the Golden Ratio in the Haloverse.

6. The Gravemind


“I? I am a monument to the Golden Ratio”

7. Delta Halo (and all the other rings)


Okay, seriously guys, there is no way you could have missed that. Even a blind man would be able to see it.

The Golden Ratio is truly everywhere



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