NEWS: 343 To Implement New Forge Objects Through REQ Packs

imageSometime this January, 343 Industries is to release another major title update for Halo 5: Guardians. This update is expected to add a variety of bug fixes, improvements, and free DLC to this newest edition of the Halo franchise. One of those DLC items has caught our attention.

That’s right, we have given special word from a Moa working for 343 that the January update will not only add NEW Forge objects, but will make them unlockable by opening REQ packs. Not long after the Moa’s insight, Bonnie Ross, CEO of 343, had exciting words to share:


Halo 5 has been a long and brutal journey for all of us at 343, but we want our community to continue to flourish from the product. We know the community loves Forge, and we especially know they love the REQ system. Come later this January, we are excited to reveal that players will have the chance to unlock a total of 4096 new Forge objects from opening Gold Packs.

Not long after the announcement, a disgruntled fan took to Twitter for asking Ross about whether or not 343 was planning on addressing the difficulty of unlocking the DMR. Ross gave a concise answer:

We are aware of frustrations with not knowing when the DMR unlocks, which is why the DMR will only unlock after unlocking ALL Forge objects.

Unhappy about not having your DMR yet? Well, no thanks to welcomed fan feedback, there will finally be a preset way to unlock it!

Once again, the community has won.


2 responses to “NEWS: 343 To Implement New Forge Objects Through REQ Packs

  1. Wow thank you for the update. I just added some money to my XBL account to buy lots of gold packs when the update finally arrives


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