THEORY: Is Fireteam Osiris Actually ISIS?

Warning: the content in this article may be unsuitable for some. Reader discretion advised.


Seizing 80% of the entire campaign, Fireteam Osiris makes up the more prominent cast of Spartans in Hola 5: Guardián. Jameson Locke leads the team, Edward Buck plays “second fiddle to children,” Holly Tanaka occasionally gives insight when colonies are involved, and Olympia Vale is forever the third-wheel. They also receive orders from top-momma Commander Palmer, as with all Spartan IV fireteams deployed from the UNSC Infinity.

However, the name of Fireteam Osiris may cloak a very, very unsettling secret.

Fireteam Osiris shares its name with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the Underworld. Being god of the Underworld is not Osiris’s only role – for Osiris is the brother and husband of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of nature. Coincidentally, Isis shares a name with the infamous, extremist faction known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Could this suggest that Fireteam Osiris may be related to ISIS?

Perhaps, but more evidence will be needed to draw a legitimate conclusion. Regretfully, such evidence exists:

Warden Eternal has denied our passage to further evidence. Why? Because no such evidence exists.


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