CONTEST: Make Halo: The Master Chief Collection in Forge

Today, we were originally planning to publish a usual theory. However, things changed. New Year’s is coming up, and we’ve decided to kick off 2016 with a contest for all of you to participate in.

The contest? Build Halo: The Master Chief Collection with Halo 5‘s Forge.

That’s right, make a Forge map that reflects the buggy, unpatched state of what would have been 343 Industies’s greatest gift to the community. However, before you make a map that crashes someone’s Xbox, please follow through with following the following criteria:

  • Your map may NOT crash the game.
  • Your map may NOT have framerate drops below 20fps.
  • Your map MUST function as an Arena map, built for 4v4 or Free-for-All. CTF and Strongholds must also be supported.

Other than those fascist constraints, feel free to give us the most shitty, most disorganized map full of falling platforms, random explosions, flying toys, and whatever else your imagination conjures.

As far as submissions go, due to the current primitive state of Halo 5’s File Browser, submit your map by messaging our Twitter with your gamertag and the map name (just call it Halo MCC Submission). We promise that we will not disclose your gamertag unless you permit otherwise.

Submissions will be accepted starting now until January 17. One winner will be selected in the following week, and although the prize won’t be a small loan of a million REQ points, it’ll be worth it. We will announce the prize as we get closer to the 17th.

Until then, Forge on.


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