THEORY: Could GrimBrother One’s Latest Canon Fodder Tweets Be a Sign of Rampancy?


GrimBrother One, formally called Jeff Easterling, is a member of 343 Industries’s narrarive team. In return for our unwavering loyalty as fans, Grim has offered us lore-ridden articles on a weekly basis, called Canon Fodder.

This week, however, the certainty of Canon Fodder – and our confidence in Grim’s stability as an AI – may be at stake. A series of recent tweets could indicate that GrimBrother One might be succumbing to the notorious condition that is rampancy.

For a start, we can clearly see from the first tweet that Grim is not in the usual state of being. To suggest us getting Canon Fodder a few days early when it is reputed to be a day or two late? Rampant! Undoubtably rampant!

The second tweet shows Grim revoking his hint towards an early issue of Canon Fodder in a result to input from a rogue replier. Giving in to the demands of unauthorized individuals, taking orders from an entity lacking authority to give such orders? Rampancy!

We already determined that GrimBrother One was a Precursor. Now, we can clearly see he is a rampant ancilla. Thankfully, his existence as a Precursor gives him access to the Domain, and thus granting him a means to cure his clearly onset rampancy.


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