NEWS: Halo 5’s Latest Update Ships with Invisible Vehicles


Until recently, 343 Industries has been providing quality updates for their latest game, Halo 5: Unnecessary Extra World in the Title. That ended with 343’s latest update, Battle of Shadow and Light, which was clearly not tested before being put out, as several vehicles have now been rendered invisible to players by a camo called Tundra, which was intended to resemble a camouflage that blends in with its surroundings.
Along with a new assassination animation that should probably cause the game to be rated M, Battle of Shadow and Light was supposed to add a new Tundra camo to vehicles in Warzone. However, the update has instead caused those vehicles to be invisible in gameplay, to the chagrin of gamers.

“I’ve been saving up REQs all throughout the match, but what happens when I call in my Tundra Mantis?” says frustrated gamer Hugh Gerection. “I can’t even see the thing! I wasted all that time to get a vehicle that doesn’t appear!”

“It’s really just a lack of actually caring about the franchise on 343 Industries part”, says IGN game reviewer Jack Awf. “If they weren’t so concerned about giving their players new content and DLC for free, or providing updates constantly on their website, this wouldn’t have happened. This sort of incident would never have occurred under Bungie Studios watchful eye. They never ship broken or incomplete games or charge money for large amounts of DLC.”

Warzone matches are now filled with entire teams of players attempting to locate their Tundra REQs after being called in, then rage quitting upon realizing their points were spent on “fucking bullshit”, as well as twelve year olds spouting profanity too obscene even for this site.

HaloSwallower was unable to obtain photographic evidence of the occurrence in gameplay, due to the camo rendering the vehicles invisible to the eye. However, the following photo was provided by a 343 employee, who insists that the Mantis is clearly in the picture, but who we think may have been hitting the Unggoy’s recreational narcotics a bit too much.


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