THEORY: Is Jun Actually Linda’s Sniper Rifle?


Spartan Jun, also known as Noble Three was a revered and awe inspiring sniper from Noble Team, a team of super soldiers who all died incredibly pointlessly. Except for Jun. Players of Halo: Reach have long wondered what exactly happened to Jun after the events of the game, during which he got on a Falcon, stated “Fuck this shit, I’m outy” and left his last teammates to die. Now, recent evidence has come to light that suggests that Jun may in fact have been transformed into Spartan Linda’s sniper rifle.

The most compelling piece of evidence is that Jun was a legendary sniper, and Linda has a legendary sniper rifle. After leaving Reach, Jun could have easily been transformed by Forerunner technology into the sniper rifle of myth, Nornfang. Linda could have then acquired it after she was finished not appearing in four Halo games. Eyewitness accounts say that Jun was sighted in New Phoenix during the Didacts attack with the composer.

“He was tall, dark skinned, wore green, and had the baldest head this side of the Milky Way”, says eyewitness Dick Goesinya. “It had to be the Spartan Jun! Or maybe it was Dwayne Johnson, they’re both really fucking bald.”

When questioned about the legitimacy of the idea that Spartan Jun was composed into a sniper rifle, the Warden Eternal had this to say:
“She just HAD to keep the humans for herself, huh. All I do is work, work, work, and she wants to KEEP the humans! You are human! Prepare for the judgement of the Mant-“

Our interview with the Warden was cut short when he unsheathed his large sword in order to “deny passage.”

So remember, when you get Nornfang in REQ, you are actually wielding a Spartan of legend, and celebrating his memory.

Memories of bad haircuts and dead teammates.



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