[Spoilers] NEWS: Spartan Buck AWOL After Failing to Buy the Whole Bar


A recent report from the UNSC Infinity has confirmed that Spartan Edward Buck is now missing in action, designate AWOL, after a mishap between team members. During the Battle of Sunaion, Spartan Buck reportedly promised to “buy the whole damn bar” if Osiris survived the battle. After saving Blue Team and killing all players who erroneously called them Red Team, Osiris returned to the Infinity, when Spartan Tanaka reminded Buck of his promise while in the on ship bar.

According to eyewitness accounts from crew and on deck personal, Spartan Buck’s reaction was to check his bank account, sweat profusely, run his hand through his immaculately combed hair, mutter “Aw nuts”, and then proceed to shoot his way off the ship. Several members of the Infinity, including the other members of Osiris, attempted to subdue him, but Buck evaded capture by escaping in a stolen Falcon hidden on board. Spartans claim that while he escaped, Buck fired randomly and yelled obscenities, calling the Spartans “scrubs” and challenging them to “1 vs. 1 me”

“It’s a tragedy really,” said Spartan Tanaka after the incident, “I was really depending on him to do this for me. The alcohol would’ve helped me get over my lack of appreciation. This will not rest”

“You think this is a problem?” said Spartan Locke “Cortana is about to destroy all the life in the galaxy, and you all are worried about a ba-“

Spartan Vale was unavailable for comment, as she was engrossed in interrogating crew members in Sangheli, which no one on board speaks.

Edward Buck is now a wanted criminal of the UNSC for treason, dereliction of duty, attempted murder, and failing to buy the whole bar. Blue Team and Osiris are now on a joint mission to hunt down and bring home this criminal. Halo 6’s story will likely revolve around this major plot point, with maybe one or two Cortana appearances. #HuntTheBrokenPromise

Don’t make a group of heavily armed men and women a promise… if you know you can’t keep it.


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