THEORY: Is 031 Exuberant Witness Actually Foehammer?


Warning: This article contains Halo CE spoilers

The number of characters in Halo 5: Guardians that existed in any lore prior to the Reclaimer Saga can be easily counted on a mutated hand that has seven fingers. Besides the obvious Blue Team and Cortana, there is also the Arbiter, the Elite we all know and love as well as Spartan Edward Buck, who was formerly an ODST during Halo 3: ODST. However, there may have been another Halo 5 character that could possibly be a character from an older Halo game, and we over here at HaloSwallower, have come to the conclusion that 031 Exuberant Witness is actually Foehammer from Halo: Combat Evolved.

Before you go about debunking our claims by copying and pasting entire paragraphs from Halopedia, hear us out. Foehammer’s callsign is Echo 419. When we multiply 4, 1 and 9, we get 36. Echo represents E, which is the fifth letter of the alphabet. If we subtract 5 from 36, we get 31, and guess what? Exuberant Witness’ designation number thing happens to be 031! Coincidence? We didn’t think so.

Normally this would be sufficient evidence to prove that our theory is correct. However, as we are investigating characters that effectively appeared in Halo games that were released 14 years apart, we cannot jump to conclusions so quickly. Instead, we have to tap into our large source of funding courtesy of 434 Industries and go deeper into the lore.



Firstly, Halo 5: Guardians has a REQ armor set called “Foehammer” that even has an Echo skin variant. With such an obvious in-game reference to everyone’s favorite Pelican pilot, the connection between that purple floating ball and Foehammer doesn’t even seem so far-fetched anymore.

Secondly, we never actually see Foehammer die. Sure, we saw her Pelican crash somewhere near or on the Pillar of Autumn, and she doesn’t respond when Cortana tries hailing her, but we didn’t actually see her die with our own eyes. Thus, it is impossible to conclude that Foehammer actually died on Installation 04.

Thirdly, we have never seen Foehammer and 031 Exuberant Witness in the same room before. Yet another piece of evidence that points to Foehammer and Exuberant being the same entity.

Finally, we all know that in Halo: Nightfall, Jameson Locke (not a Spartan yet) encounters a piece of Alpha Halo that jumped to Slipspace upon destruction which contains a new element due to some extreme heat quantum effect time paradox thing… yeah. Anyway, it is entirely possible that Foehammer was also able to somehow jump to slipspace during the ring’s destruction so that the interdimensional particle vortex graviton singularity wormhole thing would allow her to travel back in time to be composed or something and become 031 Exuberant Witness who “was installed by the Builders” on the Genesis installation and serves the Builders. Sounds crazy? Remember that we have lots of evidence to back this theory up.

Furthermore, after Echo-419 crashed on Installation 04 after being shot down by Banshees, Cortana immediately concluded that Foehammer was “gone” after getting no response when hailing her. Of course, her signal relays may have been fried or she may have been knocked unconscious but still alive, and the fact that Cortana was so quick to abandon her would have definitely pissed her off. This anger and hatred would definitely have been transferred into 031 Exuberant Witness’ personality, which would have caused her to use the Constructors to help Fireteam Osiris retrieve Blue Team’s Cryptum from Cortana’s Guardian just to piss Cortana off in an act of revenge.

Therefore, we can conclude that Foehammer is Exuberant Witness


4 responses to “THEORY: Is 031 Exuberant Witness Actually Foehammer?

  1. Damn thats some deep shit right there. How did you come up with that? What was the initial thought of taking that option into consideration?
    Would love to see the lead writer to confirm it in in Halo 6 😉


  2. i really hate to poke holes in this but theory seems unlikely if she surivied unconsisous or not infection forms would of found her even after slipspace secondly foehammer and EW31 were never in the same room cause one blew up on a gaint super weapon and the other was on genesis finally EW31 never expressed any hatred towards cortana and was just following protocol the forerunners set up and foehammer even said it was too late implying she already had injuries the REQ armor was probably made in her honor


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