NEWS: Presidential Hopeful Avery Johnson Struggling in Polls Due to Actually Being a Good Candidate

A new ONI poll recently released shows presidential hopeful Avery Junior Johnson has dropped to just 3% in the polls. Many of Johnson’s supporters are dumbfounded over his poor numbers, arguing that Johnson is one of the few serious candidates.

However, Johnson’s poor poll numbers are no surprise to political analysts. Many analysts believe that people won’t vote for Johnson due to the fact that he’s actually a good candidate. One political analyst claimed “People just want to vote between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.”


Other political analysts argue that Johnson is struggling because of his past. Many Brutes refuse to even acknowledge Johnson’s legitimacy, and are running an attack campaign over his “Mr Mohawk” comments and military history. Johnson is also struggling to find support from installation monitors and the flood.

It is unknown at this time if Johnson is willing to be shittier in order to save his 2558 campaign.



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