THEORY: Is The Sun On Recurve Actually A Composer?

This article was written by one of HaloSwallower’s video editors, NFSHaloSC2.


Recently, Halo 5: Guardians has received a content update, the Battle of Shadow and Light update, which added 48 new REQs, the Big Team Battle playlist and 4 maps for BTB, all of which were created in Forge and are re-imaginations of BTB maps from previous Halo games. One of the maps, however, houses a dark secret.

Created by The Fated Fire in collaboration with the 343 Industries MP Team, Recurve is a re-imagination of Longbow from Halo 4 and is built on the Glacier Forge canvas. The map has received several negative remarks from the community, such as the Forge map not looking as good as a normal map made from scratch, or the Sniper Tower being overpowered, or the bad spawning system present on the map. However, perhaps the most terrifying feature of the map would be the sun.

Anyone who has played at least a few games on this map would understand what we’re talking about here. You’re trying to aim for the head of an enemy Spartan with your Battle Rifle, but you can’t because the glare of the sun is in your eyes, blocking your view. Your shot is completely off but your opponent, who didn’t have to deal with the sun, manages to finish you off easily while you piece back together that smashed controller and try to hide that dent in the wall.

It seems like that is all there is to the Sun on Recurve, but we here at HaloSwallower will not stop hunting the truth so easily, which is why we abused Spartan abilities and the map’s lack of safe zone to get up close to the Sun, and that was where we came to the sudden realization that the Sun on Recurve was extremely similar, in fact almost identical to a certain Forerunner superweapon, the Composer. (We also brought the enemy team’s flag out here so they couldn’t capture ours, but that’s irrelevant)

Before you go on to say that there is no way any of this could be true, let us examine the similarities between the Sun on Recurve and the Composer:

  • One of the fatal effects of the Composer involves the victims’ faces disintegrating into a kind of orange ash, which we can totally assume to be hot as well. Similarly, we are totally sure that if one were to stare at a Sun similar to the one on Recurve, their face would disintegrate in a similar manner.
  • The Composer has an orange color thing on it, and so does the Sun on Recurve.
  • The Composer digitizes its victims and turns them into Promethean Knights. The Sun on Recurve causes its victims to get killed and turns them into Promethean bosses in Warzone where they get killed by Spartans who have ragequitted from BTB into Warzone.
  • Composer, composer never changes.

Thus, we have irrefutable evidence that the Sun on Recurve, is in fact a Composer.


HaloSwallower would like to thank CrespoFTW for creating that video to further corroborate our theory.


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