HaloSwallower Is Looking For More Writers!

HaloSwallowerWritingAppGood day, humble audience.

Ever since the creation of our website in July 2015, HaloSwallower has offered you all a glorious supply of satiric Halo articles. Whether its us speculating over whether or not the Chief is actually John Cena, or reporting breaking news on how Warden Eternal got arrested at the Statue of Liberty, we’re always here to give you humor straight from the bottom of our hearts.

However, as we continue to grow, our team must grow with us. In order for HaloSwallower to continue its purpose of adding satire to your Halo experience, we need more than three (one of which is actually a video editor) writers to produce content. It is because of that that starting now, HaloSwallower is accepting three new writers to create articles for our blog. Applicants must…

  • Be able to write at least one 300 to 750 word article each week.
  • Have a large understanding of Halo‘s various principles (lore, multiplayer, etc) or access to resources containing thereof
  • Have a good sense of humor, of course
  • Be comfortable using Facebook chat to communicate with other HaloSwallower staff

Now, if you cannot fulfill those requirements, please don’t apply. We’re not trying to be harsh, we’re not trying to be heartless. that being said, if you can fulfill those requirements, and want to write for HaloSwallower, please do the following:

  • Create a portfolio containing two 300 to 750 word articles written by you, one being a theory and the other being news
  • Email your portfolio to HaloSwallower@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from applicants, and happy Thanksgiving!



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