[Spoilers] NEWS: Presidential Candidate Jul ‘Mdama Drops In Polls After Poor Performance In Halo 5

The Didact’s hand and leader of The Covenant, Jul ‘Mdama, has seen a sharp drop in support for his presidential bid. Political analysts attribute this to his poor performance in Halo 5 Guardians. Many felt this was a chance for Jul to make a name for himself and a perfect time to close in on front runner Andrew Del Rio. Instead, he had such a small role that casual fans are mistaking him for random, forgettable Destiny bosses. Some fans are even getting ‘Mdama confused with Captain Hestro, a legendary warzone boss and owner of the new 2558 HyundaiPhaeton VTOL.

Halo Swallower reached out to some of his supporters to see how their opinion has changed. One concerned supporter argued

If he can’t handle a poser spartan, how can he handle our galaxy?

Other undecided voters are disappointed by some of Jul ‘Mdama’s decisions in Halo 5: Guardians. Sangheili members of the Covenant are irate over having to speak English. One elite had some strong words for ‘Mdama, saying

“wort wort wort, wort wort wort wort wort.”

While some may disagree with his politics, it is a shame seeing such harsh personal attacks being thrown around towards anyone. Regardless, Jul has been continually dropping in the polls ever since October 27th. ‘Mdama has fallen so far that he is virtually tied with someone who isn’t even alive – Sergeant Avery Johnson.

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