THEORY: Is The Whale On Fathom A Precursor?


Halo 5: Guardians launched with 21 multiplayer maps, with 18 more coming from downloadable content. Among these maps, the map known as Fathom is circled by a particularly intriguing detail: a ton of spooky scary alien whale things (and sea horses too). However, these whales may be more than just ambient life. It could be, based off unfathomably fathomable evidence, that the Fathom Whales are actually…


The unfathomably fathomable evidence suggesting that the Fathom Whales might be Precursors anchors on the disappearance of the Precursor’s themselves. We know, from Halo: Sighing Titanium, that the Precursors were wiped out by the Forerunners. Sighing Titanium also tells us that although most Precursors were extinguished, “a few were spared” (Bear, String 13). That means some Precursors, minus the ones that became the Flood, are still alive.

Sighing Titanium also mentions what became of the surviving Precursors. The ones that didn’t become the Flood had instead went dormant. Currently, we have no idea what happened to the dormant Precursors. Are they still dormant? Did the Forerunners find them and hunt them down? Were they killed when the Master Builder fired Omega Halo at Path Kethona?

Who the hell knows.

For all of those potential outcomes, none of them address another revelation that the Gravemind brought up in Sighing Titanium. That’s right, later in the book, the Gravemind (manifesting as Forthencho) informed the Librarian that the Precursors were never bound to a single form; according to Forthencho…

The Precursors lived in many shapes, flesh and spirit, primitive and advanced, spacefaring and locked to their worlds… Evolved over and over again, died away, were reborn, explored, and seeded many galaxies…

Could it be that the dormant Precursors, instead of simply staying dormant, eventually changed their form to disguise themselves as freaky looking whales? We can’t be sure. But in a universe where a lot of technology remains unchanged by 2500 CE, anything is possible.


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