[Spoilers] NEWS: Oversexualized Appearance Of Exuberant Witness Causes Outrage

Warning: This article contains Halo 5 spoilers

Amongst the great cast of characters in Halo 5: Guardians, one has caused a tremendous amount of outrage. It is not Spartan Jameson Locke for his initial animosity for the Master Chief, and it is not Warden Eternal for being a constant denier of passage. Instead, it is 031 Exuberant Witness for being an “over-sexualized character.”

Yes, many a fan is appalled by Exuberant Witness’s appearance. According to a user on Halo Waypoint, “she is, in every way, designed to be nothing but a way to please hormone-driven, male fans.” Another user on Waypoint claimed she was “fap-fuel.”

Halo has certainly had a reputation of having some over-sexualized characters. Cortana is portrayed as a naked human, albeit censored by angular patterns on her skin. On the other hand, Kat-B320 is seriously exaggerated in terms of ass-magnitude, to the point in which she would be physically unhealthy. These are all valid complaints, and at least Cortana has been addressed through her physical form in Halo 5 featuring her fully clothed. Kat was killed in Halo: Reach, for the better considering her lack of characterization and driving skills.

However, the appearance of Exuberant Witness splatters the sexualization of the other characters listened. Her lustful voice far surpasses the nude appearance of Cortana, and her purple coloration makes Kat’s exaggerated body nothing more than a whim. Worse, many fans feel that Exuberant’s eye kinda looks a nipple – all can agree that such property of her is unacceptable.

Also to be mentioned is how Exuberant is obviously thirsty for Locke. A disgruntled Legendary player could only rue that when Exuberant constantly followed Locke in combat, the way she fretted over Locke’s expertise in battle all the while.

“It’s obvious she wants the D,” the player said.


11 responses to “[Spoilers] NEWS: Oversexualized Appearance Of Exuberant Witness Causes Outrage

  1. You’re kidding right? It’s just another annoying floating monitor like 343 guilty spark… Don’t let your imagination run too wild people…


  2. Exuberant Witness is wonderful character, I hope she’s in the next games. And this article isn’t the real deal, it’s satire crap. Move on with you life and don’t acknowledge shit like this.


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