THEORY: Are Promethean Soldiers Trained In The Art Of Ballet?

Article written by RavineCrusader


It was realized several days ago, that the infamous Promethean Soldiers tend to move in a rather peculiar fashion. Vaporizing and reappearing a distance away. Almost as if the soldiers were…Dancing…It has come to our attention that the Promethean Soldiers may have been trained in the art of ballet.

For those of your whom may not be familiar with the art of Ballet, it is a highly technical dance that only the most flexible and agile Promethean Soldiers can become adept at. Instead of dancing to music such as Mozart or “The Nutcracker Suite”, the soldiers dance to the beautiful pinging and popping sound of the various battle rifles, sniper rifles, and various grenades. This would explain why the Promethean Soldiers seem to dance around you as you try to shoot them, and regretfully, fail.

The style of which the soldiers have been trained would be contemporary ballet. In this ballet, the Promethean Soldier juxtaposed a ballerina clad in black or silver armor who makes her way through the lexicon of ballet steps, while other dancers clad in black armor, sometimes in pointe shoes, socks or sneakers, usually accompanied by various weapons dance in wide range of styles to the music of the Beach Boys.

Does dancing to the Beach Boys provide some advantage in warfare? We believe the answer is yes. 

Promeathean Soldier ballerina


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