ANNOUNCEMENT: HaloSwallower Partners With HALO Memes!


That’s right. The distance of a marathon came from the Battle of Marathon. After the battle ended, a messenger (Pheidippides) was sent to inform Athens of the victory over the Persians. The distance was a grand total of 26.4 miles. After he ran into the public square he yelled, “Nike” which means victory in Greek. (After the Greek Goddess Nike, goddess of victory) After this, he dropped to his knees and died. Shame. This is where the Marathon got it’s named from. And most people who run it want to died afterwards. Unfortunately, paramedics attempt to prevent this.

In other words, we are incessantly proud/ashamed to announce our fully Locke’d and loaded partnership with HALO Memes!

Yes. As of last night, HaloSwallower and HALO Memes have united the keeps and forged a new alliance: the Swords of Sanghelios. Not actually the Swords of Sanghelios, but still. GET READY FOR MEMES. GET READY FOR THEORIES. GET READY FOR NEWS.



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