THEORY: Will Locke Challenge Chief To A Game Of Basketball During Halo 5?

Article written by Andycu5

Halo 5: Guardians easily has the most intricate conflict out of all Halo games. In addition to foes like Jul ‘Mdama, and the elusive Warden Eternal, and that LSD Cortana thing, our main hero has seemingly betrayed the UNSC and is being hunted down by a team of Spartans. The lattermost conflict, Spartan Locke’s hunting of the Master Chief, is the matter at hand. Specifically, what will occur when Fireteam Osiris finally catches up to Blue Team?

Some have predicted that Locke will simply nicely ask Chief to stop being a pill and just come home. Others have asserted that Locke will be forced to neutralize the Chief. And some audacious others have speculated that Locke will subdue the Chief and bring him back alive.

HaloSwallower has made a different conclusion. Instead of killing Chief or capturing Chief, Spartan Locke will challenge the Chief to a game of 26th century basketball (#ballislife).

In a previous article, we explored the possibility of Jameson Locke’s true identity being basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neil. Although absolutely zero evidence suggesting such has arisen since the day we published that article, the possibility still remains to this day. Assuming that Locke is indeed Shaq, challenging the Chief to a game of basketball would be an ingenious tactic.

Locke and Chief are both Spartans. However, Chief has a lifetime of experience over Locke. Not only that, but Chief was given superior training, and even better augmentations. Hell, the only advantage Locke might possibly have over Chief is just newer armor – and that’s hardly an advantage when in the face of a soldier’s skill. If Locke is Shaquille O’Neil, however, Locke would have an entirely new and vast advantage – the advantage of unbeatable prowess in the basketball court. And furthermore, with the innovative (ehhhhhh) new squad mechanics, Locke will assume the full potential of his fellow Spartans IVs when at the court.

Locke won’t be able to beat Chief in combat, nor will he be able to convince him. But if Locke, with his true identify as Shaq, challenges the Chief to a game of basketball, well… Chief won’t stand a chance.


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