THEORY: Was The Librarian’s Gift To Chief Actually A $25 Coupon To Taco Bell?

Disclaimer: The following article was written by Joe, our newest content writer.

With Halo 5 Guardians hitting shelves in the upcoming weeks, we here at Halo Swallower took the time to revisit the events within Halo 4, looking to shed light on any information that was potentially missed.

Upon replaying the mission ‘Reclaimer’, and carefully analysing every millisecond of action, we realised that the Librarian was hiding information from us this entire time.

When Chief finds himself in the Librarian’s presence, we know that she bestows him a gift of some sort. What we know of this gift is nothing – besides the fact that it prevented the Didact from composing John. Through careful systematic analysis, we were able to finally figure out what the gift was – a $25 gift coupon to Taco Bell®.

How could we have not seen it from the start? The voucher would offer Chief all the daily nutritional needs a Spartan requires through the consumption of a quality product at a great price. With ingredients such as ground sirloin, low-sodium beef broth and seasoning kosher, tightly wrapped in a high carb, authentically Mexican Tortilla – the coupon was clearly the best gift the Librarian could have given, with thought coming straight from the geas.

This theory is strengthened when analysing Chief and Cortana’s conversation after the Didact activates the composer at the Ivanoff Research Station.

Chief: “It’s not over, not yet.”

Cortana: “Not yet.”

This is clearly referring to the substantial amount of food that one can get at such great prices – with Taco Bell offering deals that no-one could possibly pass up.

What can we learn from this before our journey into the Halo 5 Guardians story, you might ask. Nothing – except the fact that our hero Master Chief will be fighting on a full stomach, and a full wallet.


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