NEWS: Fireteam Osiris Frustrated By Fans Incorrectly Calling Them Red Team

Whether it’s simply a lack of knowledge among the public, or trolls being goddamn trolls, many individuals have taken preference in referring to Fireteam Osiris as Red Team. These individuals range from regular fans, to even news sources. Either way, this misidentification has more than upset those that are the victims. In an interview on The Daily Show, With Trevor Noah, Spartan Jameson Locke seethed in frustration in front of the entire television audience.

“It’s ridiculous,” Locke said to Noah, “It’s like the entire fanbase has pissed out their brain cells. I’m here trying to hunt the goddamn Master Chief, and these asshats gone be misidentifying my fireteam. How is this supposed to look to the public eye once they never find out the contents of my mission due to it being entirely classified?”

As expected, the rest of Fireteam Osiris are equally frustrated. Spartan Buck stopped combing his hair in order to write an egregious rant on Tumblr, Spartan Tanaka stopped ruminating on her lack of appreciation in order to shout at seagulls, and Vale ceased talking to herself in Sangheili in favor of talking to her helmet in Sangheili. Furthermore, Osiris went as far as to delay their mission to Kamchatka so that they could attend a public speaking class.

HaloSwallower has attempted to reach out to Fireteam Osiris to have an interview of our own, but they declined our offer due to them being “too busy hunting the Master Chief without the benefit of splitscreen.”


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