THEORY: Is The Master Chief Exploiting Halo’s Marketing For Self-Promotion?

Aside from a select few, every Halo game has featured–or at least connected to–the Master Chief, Spartan John-117. The main titles have featured him as their primary hero, and again and again he appears on the front face of promotional material far and wide. Hell, we even had a game named after him (and the launch of that game was an insult to its name but we’re not going to go there just yet). Either way, the Master Chief basks under the spotlight of Halo.

However, could this abundance of him be more than just the Master Chief being the savoir of mankind and the galaxy alike? It may be just so, and HaloSwallower has began to suspect that the Master Chief is actually exploiting the marketing techniques of 343 Industries for his own gain. Here’s why:

He doesn’t want to be replaced.

As those of us who are keeping up with post-war (Human-Covenant war) lore, the United Nations Space Command is creating an entirely new breed of Spartans — the Spartan IVs. In lieu of this evolution, some Spartan IIs have been feeling threatened. Black Team, for example, were fiercely skeptical of the Spartan IVs. In fact, when they began to realize that 343 wasn’t planning on retconning the new Spartan program, they requested that they be wastefully erased from the plot–which Halo: Escalation elegantly delivered.

Now, how does the Master Chief relate to this? Like Black Team, Chief is a Spartan II. However, unlike Black Team, Chief perhaps has some reason to feel afraid of replacement. During Halo 4, a growingly rampant Cortana prophetically screams out “THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, THEY’VE REPLACED YOU!” during the mission titled ‘Reclaimer.’ In Halo 4 prologue, when Dr Halsey’s interrogator mentions the Master Chief, Halsey’s response makes it even clearer:

“What does John have to do with this? You want to replace him.”

The Master Chief, while playing Halo 4, must have heard both of those lines and concluded that the UNSC intends to replace both him, and the rest of his fellow Spartan IIs, with the ongoing breed of Spartan IVs. Furthermore, the Chief may have grown even more suspicious when reading the Forerunner Saga, especially how the Didact–who seems to be a parallel of the Chief–was essentially replaced by the IsoDidact. The Didact was then exiled into a Flood infested system, captured and tramauatized by the Flood, and then doomed to a hundred thousand years alone in a Cryptum.

Chief probably just doesn’t want that to happen, and is thus seizing the reins of 343’s advertisement in order to ensure that fans don’t forget about him.


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